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host your grad party at dueling piano barThis has been a strange year for college graduations. While it was more normal than last year, many still found that they did not get to graduate in front of all the friends and family they would have anticipated being present. 

At Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar, our hearts go out to all directly affected by the pandemic, but also those indirectly affected by not getting to fully enjoy some of the events for which they have worked for years. 

As we have finally reopened safely and comfortably at Off the Wagon, this is the perfect location for your graduation party. Some of what makes Asheville great for graduations includes:

  • Accessibility. Asheville is the coolest city close to wherever you are in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. 
  • Outdoors. You have miles and miles of beautiful country to explore here. 
  • Food. There is not a better city for food in the South. 
  • Shopping. You got some graduation money, so treat yourself to some of the best shopping in the Carolinas. 
  • Fun. Asheville is synonymous with fun. 
  • Careers. There is a great job market here, so you might be networking while you're partying. 
  • Off the Wagon. We have a dueling piano bar perfect for hosting your graduation party event. 

What is a Dueling Piano Bar?

Dueling pianos is a form of musical entertainment, usually on stage with two pianos played by professional musicians who sing and entertain. The format originated in late 1986 at Alley Cats in Dallas, Texas, and was based on the old-style pianos still found at Pat O'Brien's Bar in New Orleans. A typical dueling piano show normally features the two-piano working as a team throughout the night, taking the audience's requested songs. 

Generally, the song requester will tip the piano players when a song request is made. Dueling piano bars are exceptionally fun during a college graduation celebration because players will play the university's fight song or whichever college is requested. This often results in bidding wars between alumni and students of various universities in attendance. 

Off the Wagon in Asheville, North Carolina, is proud to carry the dueling piano tradition and provide an enjoyable atmosphere with tasty drinks for all kinds of celebrations. 

Why You Should Host Your Graduation Party at Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar

A few reasons you should host your graduation party here include:

  • Dueling Pianos: We are a dueling piano bar, just like you would picture in the Roaring 20's. It's 2020, so get in here and see the show. You will love to see the tradition of dueling pianos in action.
  • Music: At Off the Wagon, we run an all-request show: if you want to hear it, we will play it. Just try to stump us. We dare you! Of course, you will need to remember how the tips work if you want your song to be played. You, our audience, create our playlist with your requests. We perform our songs in order of the generosity of tip that comes with the request. $5 requests will always be played ahead of $2 requests. $10 requests jump ahead of $5 requests, and so on.
  • Atmosphere: You're part of the action. Sing along, dance, banter with the staff, and enjoy the electric energy of a dueling piano bar. Here, you will find a lively environment that is tailor-made for celebrating. You'll get lost in the show and forget all about how difficult it has been the past couple of years. 
  • The Drinks: Make a toast to the future with fun drinks and shots. If you're celebrating with us at Off the Wagon, we would be remiss if we didn't recommend the Jet Fuel. 

If that is not enough, you can reserve space for your party at our dueling piano bar, located in downtown Asheville. This way, your people will all be able to enjoy the festivities. So, go ahead and pick up the phone, give us a call, reserve your spot, and get ready for the graduation party that you hoped for.