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What are dueling pianos? They are the secret to a great night out, a stellar corporate event, a successful wedding rehearsal dinner, and a first (or second or third…) date. Interested in learning a little more? Let’s go!

Looking for fun? Relaxation? Rejuvenation? Something a little unusual? And some terrific eats and drinks? You’ve come to the right place! The evening entertainment scene in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina is alive and kicking. If you’re planning a night out, you know you’ll close Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar down, but what can you do before you head to the show? Here are our favorite ideas for a stellar - distinctly Asheville - time.

What happens when you get in invite to a corporate event? Do you jump up and down with excitement - or do you think, “Ugh.” They better have bacon wrapped shrimp and pinot, or I’m not going to make it through this evening”?

Corporate “parties” are often missing something… the party. It can feel more like an obligation, a responsibility, a hassle. Rather than something your guests have to endure, why not make your next event one they look forward to - and remember long after? For all the right reasons! How? Find the right venue and/or the right entertainment.

Asheville is the best city in North Carolina. Where else can you find the combination of the South’s best food, drinks, and nightlife in a city whose skyline includes mile-high mountain peaks? Off The Wagon is proud to have been a part of this city for five years.

Here are five reasons we love Asheville: