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Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Asheville, NC This Weekend

Get ready to make your weekend plans for visiting the beautiful mountain city of Asheville, NC. Here’s a list of some of the best events happening all around the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

As you plan your getaway to Asheville, use this easy-to-use accommodations search tool to find the best room availability and rates. 

One great thing about living in the mountains is the weather. Despite our elevation, we do not have the extreme cold and frequent icy storms that towns like Boone experience. 

At the same, we do usually get enough snow to take some nice pictures for social media. 

Spring and Fall are majestic, full of the kind of vibrant colors that attract millions of people to visit the area. Even in the French Broad River Valley, our elevation is high enough to take some of the edge off of the heat and humidity. 

Most summer evenings, the temperature drops below 70-degrees, so you can even open your windows some nights. However, it still does get hot during the day. Sometimes June, July, August, and September temperatures can climb over 90-degrees. 

So, what can you do to beat the heat if you are already in the mountains?

This has been a strange year for college graduations. 

While it was more normal than last year, many still found that they did not get to graduate in front of all the friends and family they would have anticipated being present. 

At Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar, our hearts go out to all directly affected by the pandemic, but also those indirectly affected by not getting to fully enjoy some of the events for which they have worked for years. 

As we have finally reopened safely and comfortably at Off the Wagon, this is the perfect location for your graduation party. Some of what makes Asheville great for graduations includes:

We have had a long hard year here in western North Carolina. In the last few decades, we have experienced unprecedented growth, with thousands of new residents moving here and many new businesses opening every year. Millions of tourists visit Asheville every year, so there are always new people to meet and things to do. At least that's how it is supposed to work here. 

However, last year saw the prolonged closures of several of the unique restaurants, bars, venues, and more for a year or more. Families had to juggle working from home and remote learning, while some people said goodbye to loved ones. It has been a long hard year here, and we have missed our loyal regulars and meeting all those who would have visited. 

But there's good news. We're back! We have reopened, and we're ready to rock! Here's what you can expect now that we are back, providing the experience you've come to expect here at one of the only dueling piano bars in the South.

This pandemic season has been hard on western North Carolinians. People have had to take precautions for their health, learn how to work remotely, survive the uncertainty of job furloughs, and try to navigate school schedules that are ever-evolving. Small businesses throughout the Asheville area have taken financial hits from a truncated tourist season and are trying to find a way forward. Depending on when you are reading this, Off The Wagon has actually been closed since March through at least the middle of December. If you are reading this after December 11th, 2020, please check our website or contact us in case we have been allowed to safely reopen.


As we near the end of this difficult year, we want to talk about what you can expect when our dueling piano bar does reopen.