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The Top 20 Requested Songs at a Dueling Piano Bar

The Top 20 Requested Songs at a Dueling Piano Bar

There is nothing quite like a dueling piano show! The energy is palpable, and there are no bad moods allowed. Even after the longest day, you can’t help but smile, tap your toes, and sing along. Dueling piano musicians are at the top of their game: they have an impressive repertoire of songs, and the mostly request-based format puts them to the test! At Off the Wagon, you can be sure they’ll pass with flying colors.

What are the most requested songs at dueling piano bars?

The Dueling Piano Top 20

1. Don’t Stop Believing: Journey. This classic tops the list of most requested songs in general, as well as at corporate events and wedding receptions.

2. Sweet Caroline: Neil Diamond. Ba-ba-ba. You can’t not sing along with this one. It is a perennial classic - and a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

3. Piano Man: Billy Joel. Of course. Everyone knows the lyrics, and playing Piano Man in a piano bar is just too ironic to pass up.

4. Great Balls of Fire: Jerry Lee Lewis. Goodness Gracious, this is an oldie but a goodie that gets the crowd going.

5. Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison. Even blue-eyed girls love this one.

6. Friends in Low Places: Garth Brooks. When you need to slip on down to the oasis, there’s no better tune to belt out.

7. Margaritaville: Jimmy Buffet. We may never find that lost shaker of salt, but we’ll have fun trying.

8. Baby Got Back: Sir Mix A Lot. Oh my God, Becky… this song is so big at dueling piano bars.

9. Sweet Home Alabama: Lynyrd Skynyrd. It doesn’t even matter if you’re from Alabama or have ever been there, it’s an insanely popular, singable tune.

10. Old Time Rock and Roll: Bob Seger. This is one of those songs whose lyrics we are born knowing. Go ahead, sing along. You know you want to.

11. Paradise by the Dashboard Light: Meatloaf. When it was released in 1977, this epic song didn’t make much of an impact on American audience. Over 40 years later, Meatloaf is getting the last laugh. It’s a staple at dueling piano bars and karaoke.

12: You Don’t Have to Call Me Darlin: David Allan Coe. Let’s slow this down. Coe’s classic features all the twangy Southern style you want and great lyrics.

13. Joy to the World: 3 Dog Night. All the boys and girls will be singing along with this one. Guaranteed to make you smile.

14. Family Traditional: Hank Williams, Jr. Hank Jr. hits it out of the park with this toe-tapping tune. Why do you drink, Hank? Request the song and find out!

15. Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen. A ground-breaking song, Bohemian Rhapsody shook the music world in 1975. Today, it’s hard to imagine a night at the dueling piano bar without this legendary song.

16. Wagon Wheel: Old Crow Medicine Show. This ode to hard traveling and the land of the pine mentions North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee, so you can believe it never gets old here.

17. Devil Went Down to Georgia: Charlie Daniels. Rosin up your bow and prepare for an epic showdown between the Devil and fiddle player Johnny. If you don’t sing, clap or dance, the devil done already took your soul!

18. Hotel California: The Eagles. It may be a song about the dark side of the American dream and an editorial on excess - but nothing livens up a bar like the Eagles.

19. Hey Jude: The Beatles. This song may be over 50, but it never gets old.

20. Mustang Sally: Wilson Pickett. Last but certainly not least, Mustang Sally is impossible to resist. Shift your evening into high gear with this one.

As you can see, we’ve got everything from hip hop/rap and rock to country and classics. Don’t see your favorite song on the list? Don’t worry: put in a request anyway. You’ll be surprised at the incredible range of the musicians at Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar. Come see us!